작은 소형드론인 cx-10a의 프롭가드(프로펠러 보호용 가드)를 따로 사기에는 너무 번거로워서 프링글스(사실은 다른과자였지만)의 얇은 플라스틱 뚜껑으로 만들었다. 들인 품에 비해 결과가 괜찮아서 공유한다. 또한, 이건 오히려 외국사람들이 많이 찾을 것 같아(...) 막 휘갈긴 영문 설명을 붙인다.

People like me live outside of China or USA, buying small gadgets in Amazon was very hard because of delivery fee and long delivery time.

For example, my cx-10a needs prop guard, but delivery fee is much higher than the cost of the guard itself. 

So I am trying to build my own. The first time, I am using a straw. but it's too heavy and unsafe, ugly.

Therefore I made my own again. The method is very simple and results are great! 

Ingredients: flexible, thin plastic lead that bigger than your quadropter (from Pringles or similar things), knife.

1. Cut like this. Square shaped hole in the center has same width and height of your flight's battery case.(cx-10a, bottom site)  I also trimmed out the sidewall of fringes to 2mm, to make it lighter.

2. Make a scratch around the lateral side of the battery case. use knife with light pressure. It acts as 'bump' to hold the prop guard firmly to the flight.

3. All done!

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